Recovery of Traditional Technologies

Recovery of Traditional Technologies I: A Comparative Study of Past and Present Fermentation and Associated Distillation Technologies in Eurasia and Their Roots

January 2015 – July 2016

The aim of this project is to research traditional food processing techniques and technologies in Mongolia, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan, Korea and Mexico. This will include as an area of particular emphasis the production of fermented and distilled beverages. The project will combine fieldwork, textual research and laboratory science to understand not only the past of such things as fermentation and distillation in areas researched but the present application of the traditional techniques and technologies as well. The present project will be a collaboration of the University of Salzburg, the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, The Horst Görtz Institute in Berlin, and the University of California at Riverside, plus collaborating institutions in targeted countries. In the case of the present project, funding will be requested for fieldwork in Mongolia, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea as well as base efforts in Salzburg (EPU funding) and Berlin.

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