Ming Qing Studies 明清研究

„The East Asian ‚Mediterranean‘, c. 1500-1800:
A New Quality in the Development of its Neighbouring Countries


Research project has been sponsored by the VW-Foundation, May 2002 – July 2009
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Equine Medicine and Surgery – A Chinese Manuscript from 1824 (Daoguang 4)

馬往書 by 苗集澤

馬往書 by 苗集澤

馬往書 by 苗集澤

Monograph/Handbook project:

China’s Administration of Maritime Trade: From the Maritime Trade Office (shibo si) to the Customs House (haiguan). [This monograph is designed as a handbook for China’s maritime trade administration during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including extensive lists of persons in office]

Recent Publications

  • “Brokers and “Guild” (huiguan 會館) Organizations in the Sino-Japanese Copper Trade during the Qing Dynasties”, in Billy So Kee Long et al. (ed.), 明清時期江南市場經濟的空間、制度與網絡 The Market Economy of the Lower Yangzi Delta in Late Imperial China: Space, Institutions and Networks. (London: Routledge, 2012), chapter 9, pp. XXX.
  • Angela Schottenhammer (ed.), Taiwan – A Bridge Between the East and the South China Sea. Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz 2011. East Asian Maritime History, 11. 129 pages.
  • “帝国与边缘:1644年至19世纪清朝与日本及琉球关系比较研究“ (Empire and Periphery: The Qing Empire’s Relation with Japan and the Ryuyks (1644-1800): A Comparison), Haiyangshi yanjiu 海洋史研究 = Studies of Maritime History 2 (2011), pp. 226-245.


Most important publications – Ming Qing Studies


Most important publications

– “Trans-Pacific Connections: Contraband Mercury Trade in 16th to early 18th Centuries”, in Tamara Bentley (ed.), Picturing Commerce: Picturing commerce in and from the East Asian maritime circuits, 1550-1800 [Visual and Material Culture, 1300–1700] (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2019), 159-194.

–“16-18 seiki ni okeru taiheiyō o matagu suigin no mitsu bōeki” アンゲラ・ショッテンハマー著、「16-18世紀における太平洋を跨ぐ水銀の密貿易」, transl. by Hideaki Suzuki 鈴木英明, in Hideaki Suzuki 鈴木英明編訳 (ed.) Nettowaku to kaiiki: Higashi Ajia kara yūbō suru sekaishi 『ネットワークと海域―東アジアから眺望する世界史』(Akashi shoten, 2019), 230-264.

–  “Sinologie und Globalität. Praktische Erfahrungen vom 17./18. Jahrhundert bis heute, in Angela Schottenhammer, Franz Gmainer-Pranzl (Hrsg.), Wissenschaft und globales Denken [Salzburger interdisziplinäre Diskurse] (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2016), 35-54.


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