Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Dates
name: Angela Schottenhammer
date of birth: 17.11.1964
sex: female
nationality: German
(privat) Gneisenaustr. 38, 20253 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-422 17 73
Fax: 0322-241 43 941
(official): Prof. Dr. Angela Schottenhammer
University of Salzburg
Fachbereich Geschichte
Rudolfskai 42, Zi 1026
A-5020 Salzburg
Tel.: +43(0)662 8044 4748, Fax: +49(0)322 241 43 941
Indian Ocean World Centre

University Studies

12/1993: Julius–Maximilians University, Würzburg: PhD. Title of the PhD thesis: “Grabinschriften in der Song–Dynastie” [Tomb Inscriptions in Song China]
Würzburg University, Sinological Institute: Participation in a socio-archaeological research project on tombs” in Liao, Song, and Jin China
: Study trip to Japan (Tōkyō, Kyōto Universities)
: Würzburg University: Study of Human Medicine
Magister Artium (M.A). Title of the thesis: “Liao Mosha und die Literaturkampagne zu Beginn der Kulturrevolution, dargeboten am Beispiel seiner essayistischen Beiträge zum Sanjiacun zhaji” [Walking and Falling Down. Dialogues with Liao Mosha about the beginning of the Cultural Revolution].
: Würzburg University: Sinology (main subject), Japanese and European History; Human Medicine.
: University Study at Peking University, History Department
: Julius–Maximilians–University Würzburg: Sinology (main subject), Japanese and European History

Professor title

03/2007: Award of an un-scheduled professor title (außerplanmäßiger Professor; this means professor without a tenure position as German government official) by the Department for Asian Studies, Munich University

Habilitation (Post doctoral professor university teaching qualification)

07/2000: habilitatus Dr., title of the thesis: “Quanzhou, China, during the Song Period: The Inter-dependency of Central Politics and the Development of Local Commerce and their Impact on Maritime Trade” (particular emphasis was laid on economic and technological questions)

Professional Experience

since 10/2013: Full Professor of Non-European and World History, University of Salzburg, History Department, Rudolfskai 42, 5020 Salzburg, Austria (tenure position, cf. C4)

10/2010-09/2013: Full Professor of Chinese History, Ghent University, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Institute of South and East Asian Languages and Cultures, Belgium (tenure position, cf. C4)

08/2009–09/2010: Full Professor for Pre-modern Chinese History, El Colegio de México, Centro de Estudios de Asia y África (CEAA), México City, México

since 05/2009: Director of Research at the Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC) and adjunct professor at McGill University, History Department, Montreal, Canada

04/2008–03/2009: Professor replacementship (Lehrstuhlvertretung) of Chinese History at the Department for Chinese Studies, Head of Department, Marburg University (cf. fb06/sinologie)

10/2006–09/2007: Professor replacementship (Lehrstuhlvertretung) of Chinese History at the Department for Chinese Studies, Head of Department, Marburg University

since 05/2002 until 07/2009: Professor of Chinese History at the Department of Asian Studies, Munich University, project supervisor and leader of an international group of students and scholars within a research project entitled “The East Asian ‘Mediterranean’, c. 1500–1850: A New Quality in the Development of its Neighbouring Countries” sponsored by the VW–Foundation (special program for the new generation of academics, Nachwuchsgruppenprojekt)

07/2001–05/2002: Heisenberg-scholarship of the DFG (research topic: Tomb inscription in ancient China: “On the origins of tomb inscriptions”, “The tomb inscription of Wang Chuzhi, 863–923)”; professor  (Privatdozentin) of Chinese History at the University of Munich

since 07/2000: Professor (Privatdozentin) of Chinese History; lecturer at Munich and Hamburg University; lecturer for English and German as a foreign language

07/1998–06/2000: Research fellow at Martin–Luther–University, Halle–Wittenberg; research topic: “East Asia around 1000”

: Individual Research Fellow, International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden, The Netherlands; topic: The Overseas Trade of Quanzhou in the Song Dynasty. The IIAS Fellowship comprised the writing of scientific articles and monographs, the participation and organization of international conferences and seminars, the giving of­ lectures, and the completion of the post–doctoral dissertation

09/1994–04/1996: Research fellow and lecturer in Modern and Premodern Chinese Political and Economic History, Modern and Premodern Chinese Language, Sinological Institute, University of Würzburg, Germany (qualification position for the Professor title: 8 hours weekly­ teaching (primary and secondary course students), administration of the professional magazine library of the institute, administrative duties of the institute
04/1994–09/1994: Lecturer for Chinese History, Modern and Premodern Chinese Language, Sinological Institute, University of Kiel, Germany
: Preparation of the postdoctoral dissertation (Habilitation) on “Quanzhou, China, during the Song Period: The Inter–dependency of Central Politics and the Development of Local Commerce and Maritime Trade”
Lecturer and PhD candidate, Sinological Institute, University of Würzburg (DFG scholarship)
: Interpreting (Chinese, Japanese, English and French) and organizational assistance for the Siebold–Society and Museum, Würzburg, the city–administration of Würzburg, and the hospital: Staatsbad (spa) Oeynhausen; interpreter for German, Chinese and Japanese companies: (Henkel, Akebono, Starlight Co.)
: Further Education of students, adult education (advanced training) at several education institutes (Centre of Advanced Training of the Bavarian Employers Association (bfz), protege (bfz branch in Greiz, Thüringen), Centre of Advanced Training for Apprentices (afz) in the fields of social sciences, economics, politics, mathematics, German language, and biology/ medicine

Appointments and Job Offers

Appointment as Full Professor for “Globalgeschichte” [Global History], University of Salzburg, Austria, History Department (tenure position, comparable to C4)

Job offer as “Full Professor of Global/Maritime History of China” (Universidade de Macau/ Macau University, Macau) (comparable to C4); official administrative and teaching languages at the university are Mandarin Chinese  (putonghua) and English

Appointment as “Full Professor (hoofddocent) of Chinese History”, Ghent University, Vakgroep Talen en Culturen van Zuid- en Oost-Azië, Belgium (as government official, comparable to C4); official administrative and teaching languages at the university are Dutch and partly English – accepted

Appointment as “Full Professor of Pre-modern Chinese History”, El Colegio de México, Mexico City, México (tenure position, comparable to W3); official administrative and teaching language at the university is Spanish – accepted

Appointment as “Adjunct Professor” am Department of History, Faculty of Arts, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; official administrative and teaching languages at the university are English and French – accepted

Appointment as German Scholar of Excellence, on recommendation of the German Research Council DFG (cf.

Appointment as “Associate Professor for Chinese History”, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (tenure position, comparable to C4); official administrative and teaching language at the university is Mandarin Chinese (putonghua) – declined

Heisenberg-Professorship of the German Research Council (DFG)


Secundo loco on the short list for a full professorship in “Internationale Wirtschaftsgeschichte mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Globalgeschichte” [International Economic History with Particular Consideration of Global History] (Universität Wien, Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)

Secundo loco on the short list for a full professorship in „Kultur und Geschichte Chinas“ [Culture and History of China] (Universität Leipzig)

Tertio loco on the short list for a full professorship in „Außereuropäische Geschichte (Schwerpunkt Ostasien)“ [Non-European History, focus East Asia] (Universität Freiburg)

Research Grants

01/2014 Seafaring, Trade, and Knowledge Transfer: Maritime Politics and Commerce in Early Middle Period to Early Modern China (Gerda Henkel Foundation); 104,000 EUR
China’s Maritime Commerce and Naval Activities in Northeast Asia During the “Yuan-Ming Rupture” (BOF onderzoeksfond); 194,000 EUR
Co-applicant and research supervisor for East Asia within the international research project “The Indian Ocean World: The Making of the First Global Economy in the Context of Human-Environment Interaction” (Indian Ocean World Centre, History Department, McGill University, Montreal, Canada); 2,000,000 CAD
Interdisciplinary (Sinology, Japanese and Korean Studies) Volkswagen (VW) Foundation grant for a research project on “The East Asian „Mediterranean“, c. 1500–1850: A New Quality in the Development of its Neighbouring Countries” (until 04/2009); 1,250,000 €
Heisenberg professorship grant of the German Research Council (DFG); topic: “Tomb inscriptions in ancient China”; this scholarship can only be obtained after having passed the Habilitation procedure with outstanding results and having received the professor title while not being older than 35
: research grant of the Volkswagen Foundation for the publication of an interdisciplinary monograph describing East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea) in the 10th to 11th centuries
: research grant of the “German Research Council” (DFG) for the completion of the Habilitation thesis (Habilitationsstipendium)
: Scholarship of the International Institute for Asian Studies for a lecture trip to the USA (Washington (AAS), Harvard University, Binghamton University (History Department), SUNY
: Grants of the IIAS, the Leiden University Funds and the Koninklijke Academie for Wetenschapen (Royal Academy of Science) for the organization of an International conference on “The Overseas Trade of Quanzhou in the Song and Yuan Dynasties”
: IIAS grant for the participation of the 6th Conference of the World History Association (WHA), Pamplona, Spain
: research grant of the IIAS as an individual research fellow, Leiden, the Netherlands
IIAS grant for the participation of the 11th EACS conference (European Association for Chinese Studies), Barcelona, Spain
: DFG scholarship for a research trip to China (Beijing, Fukien)
: DFG research grant for the completion of the Ph.D. dissertation (Doktoranden-stipendium)
: DFG scholarship for a research trip to China (Beijing, Shandong)
: Northern Bavarian Government scholarship to undertake Academic Studies at Peking University, China

Other Professional Experience Including Activities for Public Organizations

since 2013: – Reviewer and commission member of the Australian Research Council (ARC)
since 2012:

– Reviewer of the Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS), Belgium– Co-editor and peer reviewer of “México y la Cuenca del Pacífico”, Universidad de Guadalajara, México ( index.htm)
05/2011: Associate editor-in-chief of the Journal of Marine and Island Cultures (JIMC) (editor-in-chief sind Seok-Joon Hong, Mokpo National University, Korea, and Gloria Pungetti, Cambridge University, UK; further associate editors-in-chief are Takakazu Yumoto, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan; Singgih Tri Sulistiyono, Indonesia)
since 08/2010:
Editor of the Online journal (Crossroads – Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World. 縱横 – 東亞世界交流史研究 with abstracts in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

– Co-editor of „Ming Qing yanjiu 明清研究“ (Università degli studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Italia)
Jury member of the Cundill Price in History, Peter Cundill Foundation, McGill University, Canada
since 03/2009:
Research Director of the Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC), McGill University, Montreal, Canada, director is Prof. Dr. Gwyn Campbell, Director
since 11/2006:
Member of the editorial board of the journal “Frontiers of History in China: Selected Publications from Chinese Universities”, ed. by  Li Xueqin (chief editor), Yuan Zujie
since 2004:
Peer reviewer for Journal of Sung Yuan Studies, Journal of World History
Cooperation with the National Folk Museum, Seoul, Korea
since 2005
: editor of a book series on Chinese and Asian studies Dongya jingji yu shehui wenhua luncong 東亞經濟與社會文化論叢; the series is published with the renowned German publisher Otto Harrassowitz; multi–lingual, Chinese and Japanese publications are also accepted;
– founding of a research and discussion forum „Economy, Trade, and Technologies in Asia“ (proceedings are going to be published in Germany and China)
between 2000 and 2006:
establishment of a close network of cooperation with Chinese, Japanese and Korean institutions and universities, for example Peking University and the Peking University Centre of Research on Ancient History (Zhongguo gudai shi yanjiu zhongxin 中國古代史研中心), History Department of Fuzhou Shifan daxue; Kyūshyū University, Kagoshima University, Japan; National Folk Museum, Seoul, Korea and others
since 1996
: Planning, organization, and managing of international projects and conferences in the fields of Chinese history; lectures and organization of international seminars, besides in Germany, above all, in the Netherlands, the USA, France, and China; e.g. 10/2004 a symposium in Fuzhou, China (Fuzhou Shifan daxue); 01/2001 planning and organization on an international symposium on “Globalization, WTO, and Information Technology” at Hainan, China, in cooperation with the People’s Daily, the Foundation of Globalization Cooperation, and the Ministry of Information Technology; 09/1997: international symposium on “Quanzhou and its Overseas Trade during the Song and Yuan Dynasties”, Leiden, NL

Foreign Languages

German (mother tongue), English, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, French (fluent), Japanese (very good) fundamental knowledge in Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Finnish
rudimentary, expandable knowledge in Manchu, Russian, Turkish and some other languages

Further Particular Knowledge
– Economy and political economy of pre–modern and modern China
– Good knowledge in the field of political economy
– Good knowledge of China’s historical “international” trade and cultural relations
– Medicine: Basic knowledge in Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Classical music

Main focus of research
History of China’s and East Asia’s exchange relations with a main focus on maritime history;
History of cross-cultural and commercial interaction including human movement and migration;
Global/World history;
History of East Asian science and technology;
Social and economic history of China and East Asia;
Tombs and tomb inscriptions; stone inscriptions

Main focus on middle period and early modern times;
China: late Tang, Wudai, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing; Tang-Song transformation

List of raised funds from external organization
– May 2014: German Research Council (DFG): EUR 32.300 (Online-journal “Crossroads – Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World”, cf.
– November 2013: Gerda Henkel Foundation: € 104,000
– June 2012: FWO, Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation, McGill University und Ghent University:
€ 25,000 (for a conference)
– January 2012: Special Research Fund, Ghent University (BOF) € 194,000 (research project)
– March 2010 (as co-applicant together with Prof. Dr. Gwyn Campbell and colleagues): CAD 2,000,000
– May 2010: German Research Council (DFG): EUR 59.800 (Online-journal “Crossroads – Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World”, cf.
– November 2005: VW Foundation € 150,000 (research project)
– May 2004: German Research Council (DFG) € 15,000 (for a conference)
– August 2004: Japan Foundation US$ 2,500 (for a conference)
– May 2002: VW Foundation € 1,100,000 (research project)
– June 2001: German Research Council (DFG) € 180,000

numerous small amounts for lectures and conferences, especially from the German Research Council (DFG), the Volkswagen Foundation, German government organizations, the Dutch Royal Academy of Science and the Leiden University Fund