Yang Liangyaos Reise


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Angela Schottenhammer: Yang Liangyaos Reise von 785 n. Chr. zum Kalifen von Bagdad

Angela Schottenhammer:
Yang Liangyaos Reise von 785 n.Chr. zum Kalifen von Bagdad: Eine Mission im Zeichen einer frühen sino-arabischen Mächteallianz?
Ostasien-Verlag 2014 (Gelbe Erde 10)



Seafaring, Trade, and Knowledge Transfer


Seafaring, Trade, and Knowledge Transfer: Maritime Politics and Commerce in Early Middle Period to Early Modern China

January 2014–

This project is being sponsored by the
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The aim of this research project is to investigate the qualitative characteristics and changes of China’s maritime commerce and politics over time (c. 9th to 18th centuries) and space (South and Northeast China and its supra-regional, “global” integration), in order to obtain a much more detailed picture of China’s maritime politics and commerce. Continue reading

The Indian Ocean World (IOW)


The Indian Ocean World (IOW) — The Making of the First Global Economy in the Context of Human-Environment Interaction




This project is being sponsored by the MCRI (Major Collaborative Research Initiative) sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. My sub-project is also supported by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Gent University, Belgium.

Emergence and Development of Maritime Commerce in the East Asian World (2010-2018) Continue reading

Crossroads Journal


Crossroads Journal



Crossroads – Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World (縱 横 – 東亞世界交流史研究/クロスロード – 東アジア世界の交流史研究 / 크로스로드 – 東아시아 世界의 交流史 研究) is designed as an international forum for contributions related to the history of exchange relations in the East Asian world.

The journal is being sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), the German Research Council.

Yuan Studies 元史研究

Recovery of Traditional Technologies: A Comparative Study of Past and Present Fermentation and Associated distillation Technologies in Eurasia and their Roots

Special issue of Crossroads – Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World

The Huihui yaofang 回回藥方: An Encyclopedia of Arabic Hospital Medicine from Mongol China

China’s Maritime Commerce and Naval Activities in Northeast Asia during the “Yuan-Ming Rupture”

PhD project sponsored by Ghent University, Belgium (2012-2016)

“Huihui Medicine and Medicinal Drugs in Yuan China”, paper presented on the International Workshop “Eurasian Influences on Yuan China: Cross-cultural Transmissions in the 13th and 14th centuries”; Binghamton University, Downtown Centre Campus, 20.-21.11.2009, Binghamton, NY, USA (sponsored by the Chiang-Ching-Kuo Foundation, Taipei)


  • Recovery of Traditional Technologies I: A Comparative Study of Past and Present Fermentation and Associated Distillation Technologies in Eurasia and Their Roots, Crossroads – Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World 14 (2016), 1-

Book chapters:

  • “Huihui Medicine and Medicinal Drugs in Yuan China”, in Proceedings of the International Workshop Eurasian Influences on Yuan China: Cross-cultural transmissions in the 13th and 14th centuries (Singapore: NUS Press, 2013), chpt. 4, 75-102.
  • „Westasiatisch-muslimische (Huihui 回回) Medizin und Ärzte im yuanzeitlichen China (13./14. Jh.)“, in Michael Borgolte, Matthias Tischler (Hrsg.), Migration als transkulturelle Verflechtung im mittelalterlichen Jahrtausend. Europa, Ostasien und Afrika im Vergleich (Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft 2012), 34-53.
  • „Vom mongolischen Teilreich zum neuen Reich der Mitte“, in Thomas Ertl (Hrsg.), Die Welt, 1250 bis 1500 (The World 1250 to 1500) (Essen: Magnusverlag 2009),  355382. Globalgeschichte. Die Welt 1000–2000 (Global History. The World 1000–2000).

Ming Qing Studies 明清研究

“The East Asian ‘Mediterranean’, c. 1500-1800:
A New Quality in the Development of its Neighbouring Countries


Research project has been sponsored by the VW-Foundation, May 2002 – July 2009
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Equine Medicine and Surgery – A Chinese Manuscript from 1824 (Daoguang 4)

馬往書 by 苗集澤

馬往書 by 苗集澤

馬往書 by 苗集澤

Monograph/Handbook project:

China’s Administration of Maritime Trade: From the Maritime Trade Office (shibo si) to the Customs House (haiguan). [This monograph is designed as a handbook for China’s maritime trade administration during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including extensive lists of persons in office] Continue reading

Global History 世界史

Crossroads Research Centre – History of Interaction in the East Asian, Eurasian, Indian Ocean & Asia-Pacific Worlds

This research focus investigates on the variety of interactions, communication and exchange relations in the macro-region of Eurasia, East Asia, the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Worlds across both land and sea routes. Major emphasis will be placed on the transfer of science and technologies, commodity and product exchange, trade, cultural aspects in their widest interpretation, religions, as well as migration and the organisation and functioning of networks.

We will analyse continental and maritime exchange and transfer of knowledge, ideas, products and people, including forms of migration. To this end, we will particularly investigate forms of interaction that have been important in both the past and the present, such as military (including geographical knowledge as portrayed in maps; weapons, horses, or provisions); medical knowledge and medicinal products, including diseases; aspects of culture (such as food, music) and religion (such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam); and historical naval enterprises and maritime commerce.

A milestone of our research lies in the parallel comparative analysis of both archaeological and textual evidence and a cross-cultural inter-disciplinary approach. The use of a wide range of sources from archaeological findings to texts, documents, and pictorial material, to linguistic evidence, will be a hallmark of the approach. Continue reading

Maritime Knowledge for China Seas


Maritime Knowledge for China Seas

(Joint project of the École Française d’Éxtrȇme Orient, France, and the Academia Sinica, Taibei)

In an era where Chinese naval presence in Asian Seas is increasingly discussed and even disputed, it seems important to reconsider and review our knowledge on China’s seafaring tradition. With focus paid to the practical know-how that was available to the craftsmen, seamen and merchants during the xvith-xviiith centuries, as well as the special emphasis on sailing and trading knowledge, this current project proposes a new approach for analysing Chinese maritime history. Continue reading