Ming Qing Studies 明清研究

„The East Asian ‚Mediterranean‘, c. 1500-1800:
A New Quality in the Development of its Neighbouring Countries


Research project has been sponsored by the VW-Foundation, May 2002 – July 2009
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Equine Medicine and Surgery – A Chinese Manuscript from 1824 (Daoguang 4)

馬往書 by 苗集澤

馬往書 by 苗集澤

馬往書 by 苗集澤

Monograph/Handbook project:

China’s Administration of Maritime Trade: From the Maritime Trade Office (shibo si) to the Customs House (haiguan). [This monograph is designed as a handbook for China’s maritime trade administration during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including extensive lists of persons in office] Weiterlesen